Coming back home

The best thing about coming back home is seeing my family and being around children once again. Children have this beautiful energy about them, they immediately make me forget all the drama and stress back in Austin.

Sara 11/25/17

Austin, Texas is a city of movement. You wake up early, go to bed late to be successful. Always on the move. It’s very easy to lose one’s inner child qualities of unconditional love, happiness and freedom.

Sara 11/25/17

Children don’t see time as we do. They don’t see life as we do. Babies are the closest beings to universal consciousness. The warmth and radiance reflected on a child’s eyes is  that unlike any other.

Sara y Sasha 11/25/17


I was showing a friend the pictures I had taken, and he said, “physical beauty is subjective, but the dazzling beauty of a baby’s soul is absolute. Too bad it doesn’t last forever.” I couldn’t agree more.


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