Me estas matando, moreno.

Journal Entry

5:22 am


These past days have been cold and the sky’s been moody. I don’t go out as much, I miss the sun. 

Instead I’ve found little bits of it in others, which radiate towards me. Brian is leaving, seeing him one last time means the world to me. I got together with all my friends and caught up with them. Seeing people thrive and surrounding myself with positive people that wholeheartedly wish me well is such a breath of fresh air. I’m closer than ever to my moon, my stars, my best friend. I missed my girl friends – the sisterhood of empowerment and warmth that they radiate is unlike any other. I still have others to see, but all in due time.

IMG_0720Reminding myself of my blessings and being grateful for them is the key to my success, I believe. When skies are low and heavy, cloudy and thunderous, I know I’m not alone, which is more than some would say. I’m thankful to have such a loving support group of friends and family.

Friendships to me are sacred, and so significant. Recently, my inner monologues have gotten the best of me, and I’ve begun to little by little pick at my heartstrings til bits of pieces shattered and began to melt and settle in the concave parts of my vertebrae. 

I’m sorry for the trouble. I hate that I made you cry.

I miss the sun so much. Please come back.




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