I refuse to water a dead plant

When I cried my eyes red and hated myself for days and weeks and months on end, you were watching. You saw me break and shatter and lose my name until my bones were the only thing holding me upright.

I had given you everything.

But life goes on, and God is watching too.


While you stood there and embarrassed me, telling your friends to stay away from me, to avoid me like the plague – I was only getting stronger. As you told them what a whore I was, as you dirtied my name and shamed me – God was watching.

Not once have I talked bad about you.

Not once have I offended you.



Not once have I blamed you for hurting my feelings,

for breaking my heart,

for treating me like this.

You will never be as strong as me. You are little, and I feel sorry for you. Your friends are just as vile as you, and the ones worth keeping don’t believe a word you say.


You missed out on a good woman.

Listen to my name.

Let it sink like you did to my body when you tried to drown me.

Let it burn like you did to my skin when you carved words of hate and poured salt to heal them.

I refuse to water a dead plant.



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