“I used to underestimate the role that focus had in manifestation until I started making these two years ago and saw my visions and dreams come to life.”

Wednesday January o2, 2019 15:58

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up and instantly thought about starting the year off inspired thought the use of VISION BOARDS! I used to underestimate the role that focus had in manifestation until I started making these two years ago and saw my visions and dreams come to life ✨

I’ll probably make a longer, more detailed post on this later… perhaps a video? I definitely encourage everyone reading to try it! The great thing about vision boards/visualization boards is that they don’t have to be fancy or even expensive. There’s so many platforms you can use, from big bulletin boards from Michaels to your phone or laptop screensaver! I personally created a Google Slides document and made a collage of photos and quotes that inspire me, which I’ll print out and add to some square cork boards I have in my room. I’ll upload photos of that when I’m back in Austin, which seems to be sometime tomorrow!

As for my 2019 vision board, I included certain photos representing things I want to complete before the end of the year. From the top to the right, then bottom to the right, the things I want to accomplish are the following:

  • Learn to sew and finish a complete outfit.
  • Complete all the sections in my Duolingo French course.
  • Become more deliberate with colors, specifically with my photography, makeup and outfits.
  • Meditate daily, at least 10-15 minutes.
  • Take more photos! Take more self portraits!
  • Start shooting videos, learn how to edit.
  • Save up for a car!
  • Keep up with blogging.

I have three square cork boards I got from Target, which you can find here. I’m dividing these up into categories, but so far all of these images will go towards the first one. I can’t wait to share this with y’all! Now, I don’t mean for these to be very long so I’ll jump right into the five things I’m grateful for. Thanks for reading ❤

Things I’m grateful for: 

1 – I ate soooo good today. Hopefully this inspires me to cook more food when I’m back in Austin.

2 – I got to spend time with my family before I leave tomorrow.

3 – I’m packing up all the presents I got for Christmas, which I’m very grateful to have received.

4 – I worked on my vision board, which really inspired me. I’m welcoming 2019 with positivity and creativity.

5 – I drank a lot of water today, which was part of my New Year’s resolution.

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