IMG_0057 IMG_0039

November 26, 2017: Family portraits featuring my younger siblings.

IMG_0108-2 IMG_0108

November 27, 2017: Monochrome and rose lighted self-portraits. Features a poem, part two of “God don’t like ugly.” This one is titled, “I refuse to water a dead plant.” All original content.

IMG_0187 IMG_0176

November 29, 2017: Landscape and architectural photographs taken of the University of Texas campus. Features a journal entry of the 7 lessons I learned about life during the first semester at The University of Texas at Austin. All original content.




December 01, 2017: Dark lit photo sets of a night on West 6th St. Features a haiku, a journal excerpt, and visual poetry. All original content

IMG_0729 theo

December 10, 2017Theo on the University of Texas campus at sunset. Features a journal entry dating December 30, 2017 titled “Me estas matando, moreno.” All original content.

IMG_0763 IMG_0757

December 10, 2017: Black and white self-portraits along a 13th floor window. Features a poem written on a napkin sometime in October titled “God don’t like ugly.” All original content.

December 20, 2017: Soft pink self-portraits with my white dress in Laredo. Features new music by Adal (bird.brain), a poem titled “I am divine female energy,” and a journal entry dating back to June 05, 2017. All original content.

IMG_1311 Copy of IMG_1339.JPG

December 21, 2017: Moody monochrome photographs of Curran. Features his music, as well as a journal entry for that same night while listening to Frank Ocean. All original content.

xmas tree

December 25, 2017: Ending the year with Christmas photographs of our tree. All original content.


January 01, 2018: Introducing a new theme – warm toned aesthetics! Self-portraits with a red sparkle background. Features a journal entry to bring positive energies (New Moon, Jupiter Rising) into the new year. All original content.

January 03, 2018: Photoshoot in downtown Laredo for Adalberto. Told him all these pictures look like they belong on a vinyl, he agreed. All original content.

January 05, 2018: Black and white portraits of Theo being Theo. Features a poem and makes several visual references to ancient sculptures. All original content.

January 10, 2018: Portraits of Matt along Laredo Heights during sunset. All original content.

January 15, 2018: “Closer” is a black and white visual poem featuring Peace and myself. All original content.

January 18, 2018: Features a journal entry of self-reflection and enlightenment from that same day. All original content.

January 29, 2018: Sepia toned portraits of James from the fourth floor of the Union. Features a journal entry from the day before along with some poetry. All original content.

February 05, 2018: A group portrait with my girl friends and a sunspot. All original content.

February 08, 2018: Pop of color around UT Austin. Working with symmetry, color, and architectural aesthetics. All original content.

February 12, 2018: Ghosting and blurred motion photographs from a very cold night at 3 AM inside Brazos Garage. All original content.

February 23, 2018: Black and white street photography overlooking 26th and Dean Keaton. All original content.

March 4, 2018: Landscape shots of Diego and I from our trip to Lady Bird Lake. All original content.

March 10, 2018: Portraits of myself, my mother, and sister on my weekend trip to Laredo. Features a journal entry I wrote during my Greyhound trip. All original content.

April 1, 2018: Easter self portraits of my newly dyed blonde hair. All original content.


April 1, 2018: Black and white Easter photograph. Features poetry of change and Resurrection to commemorate the holiday. All original content.

April 9, 2018: Black and white portraits of Sebastián. All he needed was a watch. All original content.

April 9, 2018: Self portraits in pink light behind a sheet – an exploration into studio lighting methods. Post title named after Ukairo’s conversation with me at the PCL. All original content.

April 10, 2018: Some portraits of my family for National Siblings Day. All original content.


April 11, 2018: Outtake of Adalberto’s photo set in downtown Laredo. Features bried statement. All original content.

prefer 3

April 12, 2018: Self portrait outside the architecture building. Features a haiku on self love. All original content.

April 13, 2018: Self portraits in a white dress outside of San Jacinto. All original content.

April 24, 2018: 1/3 of Chase’s photo set titled “Gold”. All original content.

April 26, 2018: A study of light through self portraits. My aura is probably pink. All original content.

May 02, 2018: 2/3 of Chase’s photo set titled “Bronze”. All original content.


May 08, 2018: Some portraits I took during my trip to Round Rock. Features poetry of the cosmic and the zodiac. All original content.


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